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pubs, pennies and profanity

January 12th, 2009 • by

it’s a new year.

oscar grant is dead. oakland burned.

palestine and israel are burning.

obama is about to get sworn in.

cheery blog post neh? but as people, we take our pieces of hope where can find it, polish them brightly in the night and safeguard them, taking them out to light our ways when it gets darkest.

so let me move onto more lighthearted matters, because i am ever so awful at dealing with the weighty ones.

as we all know, i am epic fail at keeping a regular posting schedule. or even regular content, with the last post being a midnight rant about pubs for goodness sake. but let me just say that i’ve put the long break to some productive use. i’ve really started writing again hardcore, healed up from the kinda crazy lifestyle i was living in new york for awhile there with all the food in my mother’s kitchen. now, i’m fat and satiated, my body doesn’t feel as battered and i actually have a relatively sunny disposition on life. which is always a bonus.

and most importantly, i am getting together a chapbook with one of my greatest friends who is an even greater illustrator.

soon “pubs, pennies and profanity – poems and illustrations by vinh ‘tehkid’ hua and geoff ‘ship tang’ kim” will be at a merch table near you.

the dope folks at broadleaf studios will be doing our layout.

below you’ll see a piece entitled “media condiment” as an example of geoff’s really amazing work. this will give you an idea about the dismorphic and transformative, often hallucinogenic quality of his art. i think it’ll meld really well with my own work, giving it an extra layer of meaning and informing the path of the chapbook as a whole.



i just want to say. snow is wack.

and the chinatown bus is wacker. but i’ll be trekking back to the city that never sleeps soon, to get my education, my crazy living and my jiujitsu-ing on.

but i gotta give big ups to boston before i do, and all the folks i saw and the culture-ing i did. it was what i needed, that break in the whirlwind. and for that i am immensely grateful.

also… boston has reignited my love of listening to music that i would never normally listen to while i write. the discordance actually helps my process along but raises some important points in my head

yo what the hell is it about vietnamese pop music that we do hella covers? furthermore, what the hell is with the disco sound? especially with like 20 sommat artists. some of the original songs actually have good elements or lyrics (so my father tells me) but are mixed in such a way as to gut them. i feel like i’m listening to vietnamese abba.

why is there such a dearth of vietnamese rappers? ive actually been listening to a lot of korean rap and while alot of it is WACK as HEO, some of it is actually really dope. i think i’m in love with Tasha. i wish there were more vietnamese heads in the hip hop game, i know a few like the magnificent t-vu, but she doesn’t rap in tieng viet. which i find to be trippy enough to be entertaining.

and jesus christ, it’s both hilarious and enlightening hearing korean covers of stan.

on top of that, i’ve discovered that i have an abiding love for vietnamese rock music… especially the band microwave. now if they actually played music like this for paris by night or the asia dvds, i actually might watch ‘em for anything else than a lame excuse to bond with my father.

now this is music i can actually get behind.

which consequently hurts my process… guess back to the therapeutic pain that is trish thuy trang and thuy huong, at least until i’m done with my work.

i also wanted to update ya’ll that i’ll be doing a show at umass amherst for their vietnamese students association on Feb 21st 09 at 730. its to benefit VOICE, an anti human trafficking organization and ya’ll should definite roll through.

i would love to see your beautiful faces and hear your harmonious voices.

i love touring, seeing faces and meeting folks. if you want to see my pug-face or like my poems, send me a hollah.

keep tuned as to the release of 3P.

peace, love and happy new year.

ps i know no resolutions, you should think me some, maybe i’ll write a poem about ‘em. and i’m assembling the links i should be getting together, please hit me up if you think i should be linkin’ to you.

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  1. hey man, just want to say this is a great site and I love your works. Being a vietnamese myself and not a fan of a communist regime back home eventhough that’s our pride and glory, I find your poems very refreshing.

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